The Fisherman

When he was young you'd not find him doing well in school, His mind would turn unto the waters. Always the focus of adolescent ridicule, He has no time for farmer's daughters. Alienated from the clique society, A lonely boy finds peace in fishing. His mother says John this is not the way life's supposed…
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Pan’s Labyrinth: Disobedient Fairy Tale

We came across this really informative YouTube Channel Nerdwriter1 , check it out!

"A lot of the movie going public suffers from cinematic illiteracy. We don’t know what makes a good film. So the industry serves up superficial projects that play on cheap emotions and make us into passive viewers.”

Rattle That Lock

David Gilmour's Rattle That Lock is the result from over 50 years of technical classic rock craftsmanship. Tight vocals, layered musical nuances, and a funky bass line drive this simple sharp song into the next dimension. It  truly is the Gold Standard of rock music composition that exceeds beyond this planet and hit's root of all human psyche. 🙂



Your Brand is Everything!

Today, The University of North Dakota unveiled a well executed Logo and Brand design! Your brand is everything and should be taken very seriously. The total cost for the new Fighting Hawks logo design was $49,500, which included multiple iterations of the logo, custom font and a brand usage guide. Not a bad investment considering…
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