Beyond The Trail

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Check out some awesome photos from our hiking adventures in beautiful Colorado! Black Paragon stays creative and beautiful scenery keeps us inspired. We are proud to call Colorado our home and place of inspiration. In such solitude you find ways to test mental and physical strength. When you strip down our modern technology and get down to the "Bare Necessities" you find balance in such natural preservation. Stay Creative and Find Your Balance. BP


I chose to use Photoshop with a Wacom Tablet to achieve the overall look and feel for this design. The working canvas size is 12" x 18" @ 400 DPI with a RGB Color Mode. The final print size will be 24" x 36" @ 300 DPI with a CMYK Color Mode. And like most…
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! Here is a gift for you, Andy McCoy - Xmas Song (featuring Villie Valo). Temperatures are dropping, flakes are present and the vibes are in the air. Be Safe and Stay Healthy.


This is a personal project! The design will mount onĀ  a 24" x 36" canvas and will reside in our living room. The movie Omen was definitely the inspiration for this illustration. Carl Bugenhagen had evidence in Megiddo that the son Lucifer would be born to a Jackal. The boy would be called Damien but…
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