• The Wild Man

    The Wild Man

    The Wild Man of Bailey, Colorado! The Wild Man is a design concept that was inspired by a trip we…

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  • Nosferatu Design

    Nosferatu Design

    The Nosferatu Design concept was a vector design utilized for a sticker. October is our favorite month and with Halloween…

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  • Professional Business Card Design

    Professional Business Card Design

    We take our craft very seriously and we are glad to share the secret...hard work. We will be happy to…

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  • Logo Design and Development

    Logo Design and Development

    Getting a Custom Logo Design is the corner stone of your business. We make it really efficient and smooth when…

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  • Miss Crow

    Miss Crow

    "I'll take a walk behind Melody Lane I'll follow her as she turns through the rain They say she's good…

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  • Professional Flyer Design

    Professional Flyer Design

    Custom Flyer Design is an essential marketing tool to get your company some exposure. We can deliver you the finest…

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  • Samurai Warrior Illustration Design

    Samurai Warrior Illustration Design

    “The suspicious mind conjures its own demons.”  Hanshiro Tsugomu

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  • Les Vegas Picks Business Card Design

    Les Vegas Picks Business Card Design

    Black Paragon Creative Workshop specializes in custom business card design. We work out of Lakewood, Colorado and we are very…

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  • LVP Logo & Vehicle Design

    LVP Logo & Vehicle Design

    Black Paragon Creative Workshop specialize in custom and professional logo design. We do not steal other artist artwork or use…

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