I chose to use Photoshop with a Wacom Tablet to achieve the overall look and feel for this design. The working canvas size is 12" x 18" @ 400 DPI with a RGB Color Mode. The final print size will be 24" x 36" @ 300 DPI with a CMYK Color Mode. And like most of my personalized prints I use Mounted Canvas. The prints are high quality and can easily be hung on most walls. Some of my more recent designs have been done using Illustrator but on this one I wanted more control over the actual line work. For me, using Photoshop with the tablet helps control the lines for these types of Illustrations. Although, I did use Illustrator for the back circular pattern as well as the armor scales around the Warrior's neck. Overall, The dedication and effort it took to create this design paid dividends in the end result. There were tons of back and forth refining the design and at one point I set the project aside for about a month before I picked it back up to complete it.

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