damien-post-6This is a personal project! The design will mount onĀ  a 24" x 36" canvas and will reside in our living room. The movie Omen was definitely the inspiration for this illustration. Carl Bugenhagen had evidence in Megiddo that the son Lucifer would be born to a Jackal. The boy would be called Damien but we know him as the Devil. Classic to the 70's horror genre, The Omen reserves it's best perks for the experienced viewer. For example, Father Brennan's approach to Robert Thorn when confronting him about his son Beelzebub is bizarre and lacks the finesse of a concerned priest. The subtle and horrifying imagery lets the viewer digest and comprehend the evil as opposed to showing you a red faced long horned serpent tongue monster. Much love and dedication went into the production of The Omen. Gregory Peck knew he was taking on a good role. I must add that while watching The Omen II I couldn't help noticing that George C. Scott would have played a much better Richard Thorn than William Holden. Although William Holden was brilliant and did the character justice, I was longing to see George C. Scott take on Richard Thorn in similar fashion like The Changeling.



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