About Us


Black Paragon is a creative graphic design workshop located in beautiful Lakewood, CO. We are dedicated to the process of great graphic design/illustration and brand development. We dig deep, do the research and ultimately make ideas come to life. Our structure is very professional and our graphic design work speaks for itself. We can go down the rabbit hole of "Sales" pitches and boring "Spiels" of how much better we are than the next guy. Honestly, that's not our thing.  We stay in the "Pocket" like Robert Trujillo and groove to our own music. However, we do have that expected professional design experience and expertise you've come here for. 🙂

Black Paragon Creative Workshop is not limited to one idea or to one contribution. We are much more creative and inspired as a community. We have contributions and collaborations from various paths and networks whom we are proud to be a part of. Our love for Art, Music and Movies is only a bit of who we are and what we love.  We are very grateful to our friends and family who have supported us throughout the years and we look forward to future friendships and endeavors.

"A day without blood is like a day without sunshine." Private Joker